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    • CheMigrator®

      CheMigrator® is a new tool that can help you designing packaging materials, as for example food contact materials (FCM) and materials used in medical devices.

      It can also be a valid tool to document the compliance of your material with rules and standards on FCM and medical devices.

      CheMigrator® is an Excel based tool for the evaluation of migration of substances from materials. The calculation of migration is based on data on substances and materials.

      The tool contains two databases:

      • a substance database that includes relevant properties of the substances, e.g. hazard profiles and Specific Migration Limit values (SML), where available.
      • a material database that includes the properties that are relevant in the evaluation of migration for each material, together with a list of substances that are expected to be present in the material. An explanation on the reason why each substance is possibly present in the material accompanies each substance.

      Once the material and the substance of interest are selected, it is possible to calculate the related diffusion and partition coefficients or to insert experimental data. Then the degree of migration of the selected substance from the material of interest can be calculated.

      The output is a short report where the used input information is summarized together with the calculated concentration in the substrate, a comparison of the substance SML, if available, and the degree of leaching. These information can be exported as a document (e.g. .doc format).

      NB. The current version of ChemMigrator® contains a limited number of substances and materials. The selection will be expanded over time.

      CheMigrator® has been developed by DHI and financed by the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation.

    • Webinar - Migration of substances from food packaging

      A webinar at December 12, 2018 on migration of substances from food packaging was helt. The presenters were Helle Buchard Boyd and Dorte Rasmussen. The recorded webinar can be seen here. Click on the "Movie viewer" to see the webinar.